Think Pink

Needham Cream Pie

Seeing a lot of pink lately? October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a national effort to raise awareness for breast cancer, which is a disease that effects both women AND men. Each year approximately 200,000 women are diagnosed, and 40,000 will die. Additionally, approximately 1,700 men will be diagnosed, and 450 will die [1]. The earlier you can catch the disease, the greater your chances of survival. Save the ones you love through awareness and early detection. 

This month Treat Cupcake Bar is helping to spread awareness through our cupcakes. You will notice that all of the Needham Cream Pies (vanilla cake/vanilla pudding filling/chocolate ganache) have pink “N”s on top. When you see pink this month, think about breast cancer and what you can do to help your family and friends.

Here are some links providing more information on breast cancer and what you can do to help:

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