Planning the Best Birthday Party

Planning a creative birthday party requires a lot of energy. Looking for an awesome party without the stress? We offer cupcake decorating birthday parties that are perfect for the artistically minded child. With over five years of practice, we have lots of experience to share. TV shows about cake and cupcake decorating such as Cupcake Wars are so popular with kids, they can’t wait to get their hands on the materials to try it for themselves. Interested in creating one of these parties for your child at home, but aren’t sure where to start? Treat Cupcake Bar has created a guide for planning the best cupcake birthday party ever for kids of all ages!


Cupcake Birthday Party at Treat Cupcake Bar

Here are some tips from your local Cupcake Wars Veterans:

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN Kids are high energy and require focus and structure. The best way to make your child’s birthday party a success is to make sure that you plan, plan, plan. Create an outline and a loose timeline for your party day so that you don’t lose the group’s attention. We recommend that you start with something to grab the children’s focus right away: decorate boxes to take the cupcakes home in, or t-shirts or aprons for party favors. With a box of cupcakes and a t-shirt, there’s no need for expensive favor bags: the kids create their own!

PREP & DECORATE When it’s time to start on the cupcakes, make sure everyone is prepared. Hands should be washed, hair should be tied back, and all the ingredients for decorating should be in easy reach. Unfrosted cupcakes, colorful frosting and candy are a must. Take the party to the next level with fondant or modeling chocolate. Teach the group how to use food dye and how to mix colors (don’t forget gloves!), or get a little fancier and show them how to make a flower. (Want to learn how? Check out our class options so you ready to teach!) Demos should be short and sweet to keep kids interested. Most kids need about 5 minutes per cupcake but be ready with coloring pages if someone finishes early.

CLEAN-UP Once everyone is finished, have everyone clean up as a group. This makes your final cleanup easier, and it keeps the kids’ attention while creating a clean space for the rest of the party. If your party is set during meal time, grab pizza or something similar for munching on while you wrap up. Don’t forget to sing happy birthday! You can do this either with a cake or some of the freshly decorated cupcakes. As parents trickle in to pick up their kids, make sure that each one leaves with his or her box of cupcakes and favor. Plan your time, plan your activities, and make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need. If you keep kids engaged in creative projects, you’ll have no problems, and everyone will leave asking if they can have a cupcake decorating party too!

Treat Cupcake Bar offers cupcake decorating parties at our locations in Needham and Chestnut Hill, where experienced party professionals will do all the work when it comes to planning and running the show. Visit our website and book online, and all you’ll have to do is show up!

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