How To Stay Thin While Working At A Cupcake Bakery

10 Ways To Have Your Cake And Not Feel Bad About Eating It Too:


1. Stock Cupcakes: We call our pre-made cupcakes “Pick-A-Treats.” On average, cupcake fanatics have the option of choosing from 17 different Pick-A-Treat flavors. When the case is fully stocked it can hold a total of 216 cupcakes. That is a lot of cupcakes that we are constantly replacing. Since our case reaches the ground, re-stocking cupcakes becomes a routine of squats and lunges. It’s almost like getting paid to go to the gym.

2. Let’s just say it’s a good thing this is a cupcake bakery, and not a potato chip factory.

3. Mop the Café: Cupcakes are delicious and, believe it or not, messy. While working in a cupcake bakery can be tasty fun, it isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem. We spend a lot of time cleaning which, as I’ve recently discovered, can be quite the workout. I consistently wake up with sore forearms and shoulders after a good night’s mop. I’m hoping that soon I will have enough muscle to do a pull-up.

4. Color Fondant: Fondant is an edible sugar that has a consistency similar to play-dough, only firmer. We use it to add creative accents to our cupcakes, and also provide it in various colors at our in-store birthday parties. Unlike play-dough, it takes some arm muscle to color a ball of fondant. I can always expect to burn a few calories setting up for birthday parties.

5. Have Fun: One of the best things about working at Treat Cupcake Bar is that I enjoy spending time with my co-workers. We have a lot of fun laughing with (and at) each other, which is great because laughing burns calories. A study by Maciej Buchowski in 2005 found that 10 to 15 minutes of laughter each day could shake off about 4 pounds a year.

6. Resistance Training: Must. Resist. Cupcakes. I don’t feel bad about bringing one home on occasion. After all, I can only go so long without biting into a Half Moon. But if I brought one home every time I worked then I’d start to look like a cupcake: short and fat.

7. Eat: I’ve found that I snack on more candy and munch on more cupcakes if I come into work hungry. We’ve all been told that it’s important to eat 3 balanced meals a day, but it’s even more important if you’re constantly surrounded by tempting treats. Sure, it would be best to eat something healthy but hey — no one is perfect.

8. Organize the Stock Room: We bake hundreds of cupcakes each week from scratch. That means we’ve got a lot of ingredients laying around our small store, and at times we are pressed to find a place to keep everything. Making room for new supplies means moving around heavy bags of sugar, large cases of chocolate, and boxes upon boxes of boxes of ingredients and supplies. It’s a full body work out. 

9. Stay Hydrated: We’re all familiar with those moments when our eyes are hungry but our stomachs are full, only our brains have a hard time communicating this over the cupcakes screaming “Eat me, eat me!” Since you are not actually hungry, the best way to drown out the noise is to drink water. This produces the effect of feeling full in addition to moisturizing your skin, improving your immune system, and helping with digestion. Cupcakes may be small but they can yell pretty loud. I end up drinking a lot of water while at work to drown out their constant noise. 

10. Standing: No sitting on the job! Just kidding. However, researchers have found that standing burns about 50% more calories than sitting, so think twice before you pull up that comfy-looking chair (or in our case, that frosting-covered stool). We spend a lot of time on our feet here at Treat, believing that “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean.” But knowing that we’re exercising makes cleaning more appealing.


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Here’s the bottom line: Too much of anything is a bad thing. Even too much exercise is detrimental to your well-being. The key to staying thin while working at a cupcake bakery is knowing when to have your cake and eat it too. Then you can not feel guilty about it.

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