Gluten-Free, Could It Be?



Trays on top of trays of gold, chocolate and red velvet cakes were stacked before my eyes. Hundreds of mouth-watering cupcakes-to-be patiently waiting for me to eat them.

I stepped closer to carefully inspect the chocolate ones. I was looking for that one perfect cupcake that bulges over the liner like the most flattering of muffin tops and has a shallow crack on the surface just deep enough to reveal a hint of the soft, gooey insides.

It was hard to focus on just one and soon my eyes were wandering towards the red velvet cakes. They looked delicious, but… different.

“Are these gluten-free?” Could it be? The bakers confirmed my suspicions. They’ve found a gluten-free flour that, when combined with other top secret ingredients, creates scrumptious red velvet cupcakes. And why stop at red velvet?

“What about gluten-free marble cakes?” 

“Oh no you didn’t!” Says head baker, Adie.

We hope to have our new gluten-free flavors perfected and available by June this summer. Let the count down begin!

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