Cats Like Cupcakes, Too


We got a call from Amy the other morning for last minute, emergency custom cupcakes. The emergency being that it was her cat’s first birthday and she desperately needed celebratory cupcakes. We get it. Any excuse to eat a cupcake is a good enough for us.

Our policy for custom orders is that they must be placed at least a full three days in advance. However, being the genuinely nice people that we are, we take joy in making exceptions when we can. Oh and our head baker is a hardcore cat lover.

“If it was anything else I would have said no,” she says after I finish admiring the cat cupcakes. She laughs, but it is hard to tell if she is joking or not. 

As we had hoped, Amy was thrilled when she stopped by with her kids to pick up the cupcakes. Cat-astrophe averted.

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